House dance emerged in the 80’s, when nightclubs such as Loft and Paradise Garage and Warehouse were still active in New York and Chicago. These are the places where house music was born. As an interesting fact, it can be said that house dance style is older than the music itself. This dance incorporates various elements of African, Latin and Brazilian dance, as well as elements of jazz, step and modern dance. Hence, house incorporates various techniques that simulate movements from different sources, such as waacking, voguing, capoeira, step, salsa, etc. Jacking movement, which creates a wave effect when the chest moves to the music, sets the foundation for house dance. The styling technique comes from Chicago, with the emphasis on music rhythms and moves, on which the footwork depends. By its very nature, this style is improvisational, featuring a fast and complex leg work that is combined with fluid motion.

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