Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions

This policy sets the privacy, use and sales conditions for JJ-Street’s website.
These terms and conditions apply at

Privacy & Data Protection

The JJ-Street website ( implements the principles of personal data and e-mail privacy protection according to the laws.

Urban Style NGO undertakes the obligation to protect the privacy of this website’s users. Urban Style NGO has the right to provide the necessary information to postal service providers (Omniva, Itella, DPD) if a order for physical goods is made. NGO Urban Style has the right to send newsletters to the customer by e-mail if the prior consent of the user has been given. The user can at any time cancel the offers and newsletters sent to the e-mail by writing us an e-mail or by following the instructions in the newsletters.
Urban Style NGO has the right to terminate unconditionally and immediately the use of services if the user violates the provisions in the conditions, informing the user accordingly. Urban Style NGO also holds the rights to suspend access to from computers that have been identified as malicious for targeting the site.

Reproduction, copying or distribution of advertisements and images contained on the website without the consent of the NGO Urban Style is prohibited. The company has the right to modify the content, parameters, restrictions, procedures etc on the website without prior notice to the user.

When purchasing from online store, it is necessary to enter your first and last name, age, country of residence and the necessary contact information (contact phone number, physical address) which is not shared with third parties, except suppliers of delivery services (this information is forwarded to these service providers confidentially).

Buy services and/or products

To complete the purchase, add the products or services to the cart, confirm the cart, enter your details and select the appropriate payment method (Swedbank, SEB, LHV, Nordea, Danske, Krediidipank, Mastercard/Visa credit card or Pocopay). When purchasing physical products, choose the appropriate delivery service (Itella SmartPost, Omniva or DPD courier and parcel delivery services) and order. After the order is submitted, a confirmation and an invoice will be sent to the e-mail you have entered. When the goods are packed and issued, a separate letter will be sent so that you can come and pick up your order or wait for the information message from the delivery service.

Registration for Events and Return Policy

Upon payment of registration fees, the registrant is required to arrive at the time set for his chosen training or events.

Registration fees will not be refunded or refunded if the participant does not arrive on registered events in a timely manner.

Registration fees are partially reimbursed if the participant / competitor submits a medical certificate confirming that the events were unexpectedly ill on the dates of the events or there was a fixed accident on paper.

NB! Urban Style NGO does not handle complaints after the events have already occurred.


In the e-shop, prices are in euros (€).

NGO Urban Style has the right to change prices for products or training. If the prices change, the price indicated on the cart summary confirmed by the customer will remain valid. The cost of the products is included in the order, any delivery service is extra, but is always visible in the total cost row.


When ordering our online store, physical goods will reach you within maximum 15 business days. Physical goods are sent to the customer via Itella SmartPost, Omniva or DPD Packet Service. The customer also has the opportunity to pick up the item himself / herself according to the administrator’s board at Filtri tee 1 (10132 Tallinn, Estonia) every working day after 16:00, upon receipt of a confirmation of receipt of the goods. Urban Style and co-partners are not responsible for delivery. incurred delays if the information provided in the order is incorrect. Therefore, the responsibility for verifying the accuracy of all data is the responsibility of the client when ordering.

Returning physical products

All notifications must be sent to

In the online JJ-Street shopping area, all approved transactions are final, so be sure to always check that the times and locations of the courses you have added are correct and the products are in the desired color and size. Always check the delivery information and contact number entered from the top. Before you can confirm your order, you can contact support at

The above terms apply according to Estonian law. If a section in the terms is trivial, it does not affect the application of the other terms. In the case of a trivial section, an applicable section for the type of contract will be deferred to as specified by law. Conflicts between parties will be attempted to resolve through mutual understanding obtained via negotiations, or in the Tartu county court if an agreement is not reached.

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