Locking, also known as Campbellocking, is a style created by Don Campbell, and it is considered the first street dance style. The most famous locking dance group is “The Lockers” (Fred “Mr. Penguin” Berry, Don “Campbellock” Campbell, Greg “Campbellock Jr” Pope, Aldolfo “Shabbat Doo” Quinones, Bill “Slim the Robot” Williams, Leo “Fluky Luke” Williamson). Locking can be characterized by fast wrist and arm movements combined with more relaxed foot and hip movements. The moves are large and exactly in line with the music. Initially, locking was danced after the traditional funk (eg James Brown). Locking, Which was developed in the early 60’s, has inspired popping and break styles. “You gotta have The FUNK” (Greg Campbellock Jr.).

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