About Us

The dance lessons in JJ-Street Dance School started in autumn 2003. This is Estonia’s first and largest street dance school, which operates all over Estonia. The dance school is recognized as one of the best private extra activity schools of the city of Tallinn, which has always been able to surprise all its students with innovative ideas. We have created a modern dance school that fulfils the social function of both modelling an outstanding dancer, as well as an exemplary young person.

JJ-Street’s mission is to provide culture to new members, develop their skills and create new knowledge. The reputation of the dance school has also grown all over Europe, as, among other things, the school organizes the largest street dance festival festival in Baltic’s, JJ-Street Baltic Session, and the international dance camp, Camp of Hip-Hop. JJ-Street Dance School is designed and open to anyone who wants to get new experiences and learn something original.

The JJ-Street Dance School is primarily an extra activity school for street dance and choreography, with classes led by JJ-Street instructors. In addition, it focuses on organizing camps, street festivals, contemporary events, fashion shows and exciting trainings.

JJ-Street Dance School’s main office is situated in Tallinn, at Filtri tee 1. Kids and adults can learn dance on the basis of an approved timetable. The duration of classes and the number of times per week depends on the level of the student. 1500 students from all over Estonia study at JJ-Street Dance School and successful students are recognized with the student of the year title. The best dancers will have the opportunity to enter our elite dance group and develop their skills outside Estonia. In 2008 the school became a private extra activity school (license No EHIS Id 1395). The state income tax refund is also applicable to the amount paid for the dance training under the state education license.


Our vision

JJ-Street Dance School’s vision is to be Europe’s largest and most innovative dance school promoting street culture.

Our mission

The mission of JJ-Street Dance School is to provide a supportive environment for designing values and the opportunity to achieve a professional level in street dance.


JJ-Street dance school offers a service in the field of private extra activity education. JJ-Street Dance School owns, manages and leads dance related extracurricular activity in the domestic and foreign markets. JJ-Street Dance School develops and markets diverse solutions for dance design.



I respect myself and others. I have good and honest intentions and I trust people. First, I try to understand others, and then be understood myself. I appreciate people as they are, and I know that I have something to learn from everyone. I understand how the organization works and what is my task. I have pure and sincere love for dance.

Creating value

I always give my best. I’m open minded, I think and add my input. I think before I act. I give you honest feedback and give you my opinion. I am looking for solutions, I dare to ask for help in difficult circumstances, and I help others. I learn from myself and others, I develop as a person and share my knowledge with others.

I will do it

I do the right things and finish what I start. For me, both the outcome and the road to it are important, and I understand that by helping each other and working together we will always achieve the goal. I ensure that students can achieve their goals with me. I see new opportunities in change and support the implementation of change. I keep my promises, and stand as an example – You can rely on me.

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