10 Reasons to join us

1.  Estonia’s first street dance school since 2003
2. Known as a high-level dance school in Estonia
3. We have performed in almost all major venues all over Estonia, and will continue conquering those stages even more frequently
4. Our best students perform in the Streetshow – the largest street dance production in Baltic’s
5. We have participated in several TV productions
6. We take part in festivals and competitions both locally and abroad
7. Excellent environment for development, with the best instructors
8. Personal approach according to each student’s needs
9. Recognized as the best private extra activity school by several Estonian cities and municipalities
10. We organize camps, study trips, projects and through our activities also support charity

Out of nothing and out of no way…. a way will be made.The life motto of JJ-Street’s main coach Kerttu Luik

We are first and foremost a school for modern street dance and choreography.

JJ-Street Dance School’s main office is situated in Tallinn, at Filtri tee 1. Kids and adults can learn dance on the basis of an approved timetable. The duration of classes and the number of times per week depends on the level of the student. 1500 students from all over Estonia study at JJ-Street Dance School and successful students are recognized with the student of the year title. The best dancers will have the opportunity to enter our elite dance group and develop their skills outside Estonia. In 2008 the school became a private extra activity school (license No EHIS Id 1395). The state income tax refund is also applicable to the amount paid for the dance training under the state education license.



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